WrapPak® Protector

Our specially developed waved paper is a highly effective and eco-friendly alternative to plastic alternatives. Unique properties mean that our paper pads offer excellent protection across a wide range of applications, from box lining to thermal insulation. They are easy to handle, and will help you to save on costs.

The WrapPak Protector creates waved paper pads to solve challenges across many different packaging environments and applications. When box lining, its wide paper pads can cover an entire box surface with just one insert. Wrapping, blocking-and-bracing, interleaving, and even thermal insulation are also easily achieved. 

It means WrapPak Protector can replace a wide range of existing packaging materials – so you don’t have to keep ordering and monitoring stocks of boxes, aluminum-coated plastics, tapes, and inserts. The WrapPak Protector (PT) converter is also highly programmable to match evolving needs, and is small enough to use at a pack table, in-line or as a standalone unit.


On-demand dispensing of waved paper pads, with minimal load time, less material use and lower storage costs.


Easy and intuitive packaging across many different applications. Uses fanfold packs of paper, simplifying stock control.


Requires only a small area for setup and storage.


Paper can be packed in many configurations – easily integrated into different packaging environments.

Geami® WrapPak® Protector Specifications

An image of the WrapPak® Protector packaging solution


Cut Method: Automatic
Weight: 265 lbs.
Dimensions: 60″ x 24″ x 28″
Power: 110- 240 VAC
Feed Rate: 18″ per second


40# Kraft
Bundle Length: 1,325′
Bundle Width: 15″
Bundle Weight: 22 lbs.

45# Kraft
Bundle Length: 1,200′
Bundle Width: 15″
Bundle Weight: 23 lbs.

40# White
Bundle Length: 1,325′
Bundle Width: 15″
Bundle Weight: 22 lbs.

55# Kraft
Bundle Length: 1,000′
Bundle Width: 15″
Bundle Weight: 24 lbs.


Waved paper pads can meet the needs of box lining, wrapping, blocking-and-bracing, interleaving, and even thermal insulation – a more sustainable and cost-effective answer to many packaging needs.

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