Case Erector & Sealer Solutions

Our automatic case sealers are engineered for precision and speed, ensuring that your packaging line operates seamlessly. With user-friendly controls and robust construction, these machines deliver reliable sealing for a wide range of case sizes and materials.

Paktek Systems' case erectors are designed to simplify the process of erecting and forming cases. Whether you're dealing with standard or custom-sized cases, our equipment guarantees accuracy and efficiency, contributing to a smooth packaging workflow.

High Speed Automated Case Erector & Sealer Solutions For Smart Enterprises

Choose Paktek Systems for state-of-the-art case sealer and erector machines that redefine efficiency and reliability in packaging. Partner with us and experience the future of packaging technology

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Reduce Jams, Keep Blanks to a Bare Minimum and Increase Case and Carton Sealing Effeiciency

In an era where companies are under increasing pressure to achieve sustainability goals and produce greater profit margins, reducing materials at the packaging level can make a significant impact. Greatly reduce jams, keep case/carton blanks to a minimum and achieve maximum case sealing efficiency with PakTek's case erector and sealer solutions.

Simple Changovers

Reduced Rate of James

Increase Speed & Efficiency

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