AirSpeedĀ® Smart

The Airspeed Smart is a convenient and cost-effective way to create on-demand inflatable cushions. The compact, lightweight system is portable, durable and perfect for fitting into smaller work-stations and packaging operations. With ease the machine turns high performance film into lightweight, non-abrasive void-fill cushioning for a variety of packaging needs.

This convenient and cost-effective system produces high quality air pillows with outstanding air retention and puncture resistance.

AirSpeedĀ® Smart Specifications

The Pregis AirSpeedĀ® Smart void fill packaging system


At just 26 lbs., this small, self-contained unit is truly portable

User Friendly

Simply start/stop machine, load film and go!


Machine is engineered for durability and low maintenance


Suitable for small areas without interfering with conversation or on-going business


- Single system produces inflated cushions of varying lengths and air fill levels, customized for your needs
- Integrate with a Smart accessories for maximum productivity and ergonomics

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