AirSpeed® HC Versa™

This compact, user-friendly system offers creates cushioning on-demand from Pregis’ proprietary film patterns that produce square pillows that reduce material consumption, provides superior protection and a premium aesthetic preferred by consumers

Deliver a wow-factor during the unboxing experience with hybrid cushioning produced by the HC Versa system

AirSpeed® HC Versa™ Specifications

The Pregis AirSpeed HC Versa air cushioning packaging system

Superior Protection

Square pattern prevents products from damage or “bottoming out”


Largest selection of film variations, cushion widths and cell heights

User Friendly

Easy to load and operate with a simple start/stop operator interface

Setups and Integration

Able to accommodate any production requirements

High Yield

Proprietary pattern and registered perforation reduces material consumption

Wow Factor

- Premium look of Hybrid Cushioning enhances customer experience
- Study shows Hybrid Cushioning can increase consumers’ product price
perception by 45%

Simple Integration

- Compact profile is adaptable for any pack station set up
- Multiple delivery systems with a wide range of ergonomic solutions available
for packing requirements


- Eliminate product damages – the single biggest environmental factor of product delivery
- Material source reduction vs. cushioning materials alternative materials

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