PadPak® AJR Batch

PadPak® AJR Batch is easy to operate and requires minimal operator training. The converter separates 2-ply Ranpak kraft paper, allowing air to be trapped between the layers. 

Inside the converter, the paper is formed into a protective and shock absorbing packaging material through a folding and compression process. The pad is then fed through the automatic cut mechanism that allows the user to simply take the pad from the machine at pre-set lengths.


The paper pads have tremendous shock absorbing capacity, offering optimal protection for medium to heavy cushioning applications.


The converter is fast, easy to install and move around, and requires no special training.


The mobile machine converts 2-layer and 3-layer paper into exceptional cushioning pads, which can be used to protect products of diverse shapes and sizes.

Cost Efficient

Less material is needed to provide optimal protection.

PadPak® AJR Batch Specifications

An image of the PadPak AJR


Cut Method: Automatic
Weight: 165 lbs.
Dimensions: 33″ x 76″ x 30″
Power: 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 2 Amps
Feed Rate: 12″ per second


2-Ply 50/50# Kraft
Roll Length: 900′
Roll Width: 27″
Roll Weight: 65 lbs.

3-Ply 30/30/30# Kraft
Roll Length: 450′
Roll Width: 27″
Roll Weight: 33 lbs.


Compared with other materials, PadPak eliminates up to 90% of the ‘g’ forces experienced when a box is dropped onto the floor. Products are safer, and the converter is easy to move around, requiring no special training to use.

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