Need to reduce capital expenditure, but still want LEIBINGER quality? The JET One is the answer. It is the perfect entry-level model that suits every budget – but still incorporating our unique Sealtronic technology and rigorous engineering standards. It offers two-line printing from fixed and variable data onto a variety of surfaces – from every position and in every direction. Flexibility, quality – and affordability.

- Affordable, entry-level LEIBINGER CIJ printer
- Prints up to two lines in a 5x5 to 16x10 matrix
- Prevents the ink from drying out thanks to the automatic - Sealtronic nozzle sealing system
- Starts in seconds with just the push of a button
- Windows-based operating system
- Color TFT touch display
- Many handy tools, such as the JOB editor
- Comprehensive diagnosis package and status display with plain text output and help function

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Leibinger JET One Specifications

Printing performance
and function

The JET One offers the capability to code a wide-variety of products and substrates with fixed and variable messages, such as best-before dates, lot numbers and even graphics. Up to two lines, using black ink and with the Sealtronic print head technology, the system will run for months without maintenance.

Hydraulic concept

It eliminates the need for maintenance-intensive, continuously operating gear pumps.
In contrast, our low-maintenance diaphragm pump is only triggered at optimized inter- vals and remains thermally isolated from the electronics unit. Fully automated viscosity and pressure controls give you the reliability and constant quality you would expect from a Leibinger solution.

Operation and
message editing

An user interface is like a joke; if you have to explain it, it‘s no good. Leibinger‘s JET One interface combines intuitive controls with incredible power under the hood. From simple messages to variable components and graphics, the touch screen‘s job editor offers you everything you need.

Data management and back-up

Eliminate clogging and the need for frequent head cleaning.
Equipped with the automatic Sealtronic nozzle sealing system, the JET One is ready to print in just a few seconds and always starts with a clean print. This unique technology eliminates clogging of the nozzle – even after prolonged downtime - and keeps the printer running. Productivity loss as a result of coder downtime is a thing of the past!

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