FillPak® TTC

FillPak® paper packaging material provides an effective way to fill empty spaces in a box, preventing your products from shifting around during transit. As a clean, efficient, reliable, and flexible solution, it is dispensed on-demand at high volumes, so less packaging material is required. No matter what size of box or type of product you are shipping, Ranpak has the paper packaging solution for you.

The FillPak® Table Top with Cutter converter forms single-ply, fanfold kraft paper into a PaperStar™ configuration for fast and efficient void filling. The TTC upgrade adds a cutting mechanism to the FillPak TT® converter, and it also allows operators to pre-set paper lengths via an Electronic Delivery System (EDS) mode. The unit can be set up to dispense void-fill material at lengths from 12 inches up to 10 feet. The TTC converter has the same small footprint as the regular FillPak TT®, and can be easily adapted to any packing environment, or integrated into areas with limited space.


On-demand dispensing in a high-volume configuration for minimal load time, less material usage and reduced storage costs.


SL technologies are easy to install. Most SL machines can be set up and be ready to go in under an hour.


Only requires a small area for set-up and storage.


Paper can be packed in any configuration. A small footprint means machines can be placed at any workstation.

FillPak® TTC Specifications

An image of the Ranpak FillPak® void fill packaging automation system


Cut method: Automatic
Weight: 27 lbs.
Dimensions: 17″ x 24″- 14″
Power: 100/115 VAC
Feed Rate: 60″ per second


30# Brown Kraft
Bundle Length: 1,660′
Bundle Width: 15″
Bundle Weight: 22 lbs.

40# Brown Kraft
Bundle Length: 1,200′
Bundle Width: 15″
Bundle Weight: 24 lbs


The converter has an automatic cutting mechanism, eliminating manual tearing and making operators’ work faster and easier. Both high- and low-volume operations benefit from this ergonomic solution.

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