DuraCode Touchscreen

If you’re searching for a versatile continuous inkjet printer that is known for unstoppable performance in dusty, debris-heavy environments, the DuraCode Touchscreen is the printer for you

Designed for industrial product coding and compatible with porous and non-porous materials, the DuraCode Touchscreen is full of features that line operators require to meet demanding output quotas, minimize coding errors, and maximize overall efficiency without breaking your budget.

Offering industrial coding speeds that can easily keep up with your printing demands, the DuraCode Touchscreen is the go-to solution for the marking needs of companies across the manufacturing and packaging industries. With an ink portfolio only rivaled by a few, InkJet Inc. has a complete portfolio of custom inks at economical prices.

The DuraCode Touchscreen is a heavy-duty continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer that excels at high-speed product marking, is capable of uninterrupted operation, and provides users with the ability to code thousands of materials every day. The DuraCode Touchscreen is a workhorse CIJ system that is compatible with both flat and curved surfaces and can resist extreme temperatures, humidity, dust, and more for extended periods of uptime.

Touchscreen Interface

Self-cleaning Head

No Core or Filter Timeouts

The DuraCode Touchscreen DC-260T

DuraCode Touchscreen 


40, 50, 60, 70 μm

Maximum Vertical Drops


Umbilical Length

9 ft. / 2.7 m OR 15 ft.

Print Height

1.2-15 mm

Max Printing Speed

Up to 1,050 ft./min (320 m/min)Enables printing of up to 10 texts in successive lines

Printing Distance

1-3 in. (25.4-76.2 mm)

Input System

Touchscreen or Standard Keyboard / WYSIWYG

Print Font

5x5, 7x5, 9x6, 11x8, 16x11, 24x17, 32x22

Operating Range

41-113° F / 5-45° C

User Defined Field

Bar Code, QR Code, Logos, Clock, Counter, Classes, etc.

Operating RH.

0%~90%, non-condensing

IP Rating

IP55 Industrial Protection


120-240 VDC, 50-60 HZ

Electrical Consumption

120-150 W

Net Weight

27 kg / 60 lbs

Gross Weight with Complete Package

45 kg / 99 lbs

Optional Add-Ons

- Serial port 
- Network LAN connection 
- Positive air pump

Standard Features

- Font library 
- Multi-language support 
- Traverse printing 
- 90-degree vertical printing 
- Special counter
- Counter replacement

 - Clock replacement 
- Encoder port
- USB port
- Ink recovery pump 
- Solvent flush pump - Micro print

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