PadPak® Auto-Coiler

The highly innovative technology designed to protect heavy, dense and fragile items with the ultimate cushioning performance.

PadPak® Auto-Coiler is the ultimate heavy cushioning solution for your dense, fragile and high-value products. This technology configures Ranpak’s patented paper pads into a coil design to offer a sustainable, extreme performance cushioning product. The Auto-Coiler boasts two touchscreen control panels for easy operational access from any position in the pack station. 

The new touchscreen offers 5 different modes to fully customize the way your pads and coils are produced. With a broad range of basis weights and brand-new coil density selection, the Auto-Coiler has the highest range of offerings to find the exact solution for your unique packaging needs. This new technology is not only a sustainable solution to protecting your goods, but you will find an efficiency improvement to your operations from decreased waste and increased throughput.


High quality pads, in a unique configuration protect even the heaviest goods

Cost Efficient

Paper is an effective high yield solution that decreases waste


Environmentally friendly, curbside recyclable and biodegradable


A wide range of paper options, operation modes and savable pad and coil sequences

PadPak® Auto-Coiler Specifications

An image of the PadPak® Auto-Coiler packaging cushioning solution


Cut method: Automatic
Auto-Coiler attachment only: 212 lbs
SR converter: 495 lbs
Auto-Coiler attachment only:
L 39” x W 45” x H 69” (height is variable)
Auto-Coiler (+) SR:
L 92” x W 45.5” x H 71” (height is variable)


30/30#, 30/50#, 50/50# Kraft
Roll Length: 450′, 900′, 1,350′
Roll Width: 30″

30/30/30#, 30/50/30# Kraft
Roll Length: 450′, 900′, 1,350′
Roll Width: 30″


The Auto-Coiler paper solution is a premium performance, curbside recyclable alternative to plastic and foam products

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